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I haven’t posted about what’s going on in my life for a long time

so here’s what I’m up to:

I moved out of Harvard Square on my birthday (August 30), because my lease was up.

I spent the day moving into a very cheap place in a sketchy neighborhood far away from my friends and everything else in the city. Birthdays get steadily worse after 16, I’ve noticed.

I lived there for most of the month before realizing I couldn’t do it anymore, so after some frantic searching I found someone to cover my old room and I found a new room in Cambridge.

I was supposed to move in yesterday, booked a U-Haul and everything. but my landlord called last minute and said “o i guess u cant move in until wednseday or maybe thursday or maybe fridy idk.’

So the U-Haul was used to drag all of my earthly possessions into storage until I get the green light to, you know, have a home.

Until then, I’m livin’ out of a backpack and crashing in a different bed every night.

PS: On my birthday, I got a slice of cheesecake to go with a sad little candle taped to the top of the box. I decided that I wouldn’t light that candle until the next time I had a happy and restful day. THAT FUCKER IS STILL INTACT.

Anyway, such is life. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Wait did I mention what I’m doing today?



Eugh, this city is falling apart. I’d hate to see regular York.

Is there a way to stop eating Easy Cheese besides running out of Easy Cheese?

How I experience literally every morning:


So the best bro in the world bought me a Book of Mormon ticket for this weekend.

Who says birthdays have to start sucking when you become an adult?

This August 30th, I’m-a start kicking the ass of my third decade on this planet.

(Right after I K.O. my second.)

Summer 2011

In which I convince a stranger with a truck to help me move a couch around the corner, leave it outside for a day, attempt to drag it into the basement to shield it from tomorrow’s rain, and eventually remove the hinges of the basement door to make the process possible.


At 4 in the morning.

Reasons the Oberon would throw out an ornate leather pull-out couch:

  • it has semen stains
  • it has bed bugs
  • it’s cursed.

I’m hoping for the curse, because that shit’s mine now.