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So I’ve got a braAaAain anomaly that affects the way I perceive music and this is part of my ongoing project of trying to render how music sometimes translates in my head.

This is a representation of what happens when I hear a new song with a I IV ii V iii vi ii V progression.

(People are often astounded that I don’t know the words to some of my favorite songs.)

Astrology will endure because it’s a lot easier to say “you do this because you’re a pisces” than “you do this because you fixated during the anal stage of your infant psychosexual development.”

Anonymous: Hey, I saw a post you made about the Google Glass Sex app on Facebook saying you believe that "narcissism as reached apocalyptic proportions." or something like that. So my question is, why you hatin' on narcissists? Do you think narcissism is inherently bad? And wouldn't the google glass sex app be something along the lines of reviewing game tape for both parties? Like "Damn, my thrusting game is weak. I need to work on that" and then you scribble in a notepad. That sounds dope to me but I dk

For context, everyone else, this is about a Google Glass App whose main functions are to 1. switch views with your partner during sex and to 2. film the whole act from several angles for viewing afterward.

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An essay about roads, mostly, and also about lasers and personal freedom.

Note: This is a long and meandering piece of writing. I would like for you to have it, but I know not everyone has the time or patience to read meter-long blog posts, so if you like,

[I will read it to you]

This way you can go about your other business—clean a fish tank or ride the subway—and you’ll have something to keep you company while you do.

The following amounts to much ado about jaywalking.

On three separate occasions during my last year in Boston, the city was shut down. First in late October, by a hurricane named Sandy. Then again in February, by a blizzard named Nemo. Then in April, by a teenager named Dzhokhar. Sandy chased everyone indoors with sixty-three-mile-an-hour winds, Nemo dumped twenty-five inches of snow onto the streets, Dzhokhar detonated two pressure cooker bombs full of nails and ball bearings in a public place, and yet on all three occasions I found myself, contrary to good sense, outdoors. 

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Monkey in a Suit” (links to the bandcamp page with download link.)

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Last old love-related thing I’m going to reblog I promise.

If tumblr keeps this reblog-yourself feature on I’m never going to make anything new and my blog will go full ouroboros.

Here's a free link to my personal PDF library →

Because everyone is doing this delightful thing in honor of Aaron Swartz’s memory.

It’s mostly documents regarding

  • Evo Psych
  • Empathy
  • Attribution
  • Parasociality
  • Gender/Sexuality
  • Representation

Hopefully they enhance and augment your studies, your work, and your experience of the world as they have mine.

Historical Portrait Valentines, Day II.

(The individuals are here. Also a few bonus TV Portrait Valentines.)
If you like em, check out Day 1, and also last year’s Dictator Valentines.

Update: You can BUY THEM now, too.

What Is Love?

A question that has plagued the minds of cavemen and conquistadors, plebes and presidents, kings and other kings.

The obvious answer is “baby don’t hurt me / don’t hurt me / no more.”

But let’s dig a little deeper.

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I’m rollin’ out this year’s Portrait Valentines. 7 yesterday, 7 today. Hope you like ‘em!
Update: You can BUY THEM now, too.

I’m rollin’ out this year’s Portrait Valentines. 7 yesterday, 7 today. Hope you like ‘em!

Update: You can BUY THEM now, too.