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My main portrait valentines are coming soon! As an appetizer, I made a few with quotes from comedians about Valentiney things.

Buy them here, unless you’re a racist or something and don’t want to because Aziz is brown. Are you a racist? I feel like you are.

Previous portrait valentines here.

Harry Potter pickup lines that have not worked for me

Are you the Chamber of Secrets? Because I’d probably need to use my tongue skillfully to get inside you.

Am I the Whomping Willow? Because when you get near me I flail around and endanger lives.

Are you Peter Pettigrew? Because if I found out you’d been living in my room my whole life I’d get over it pretty quickly.

Are you the flying Ford Anglia? Because even if you’d been living in the woods for months I’d still want to get inside you.

Are you a portkey? Because when we touch I feel transported. And then a bit sick.

Are you the Elder Wand? Because I feel like if I kill your boyfriend you’ll end up with me.

Are you Hogwarts? Because your inner workings confuse the shit out of me.

Are you a Boggart? Because when I look at you, I think of commitment.

Are you Hermione Granger? Because I think about you sexually a lot.