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Wealthy, Handsome, Strong, Packing Endless Hard-Ons: The Impossible Ideals Men Are Expected to Meet →


Never considered the sexual side before, but now you mention it… how come men are expected to do all of the work? If a man can’t get aroused, that’s his fault and he’s less of a man. If a woman can’t get aroused, that’s the man’s fault for being less of a man. But thinking about that, men always face the higher expectations - chivalry is just the tip of the iceberg, which includes the things mentioned in this article - but that’s just the cost of a ‘dominant’ role, which I’m told is a good thing to have been forced into.

I’ll preemptively quash the inevitable wave of “WOMEN FACE THIS STUFF TOO HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A BILLBOARD” backlash by pointing out the obvious: that

YES. Nearly everyone here knows about and talks about these problems as they apply to women. Oppression isn’t exclusive, it’s not a commodity that groups should defend and stake claim over. Saying that men face problems doesn’t nullify or exclude women’s problems.

For once, articles are popping up that discuss these issues in the context of masculinity. If you can’t get on board with that, well that’s pretty revealing.

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you.. might... like.... our penises

Hahahahha yess <3

I mean, the moustaches and whispering sort of suggest that to be proud of/talk about penises is something for creeps, but they balance it out by mentioning the vagina, which makes us feel equally awkward.

Being friends with women almost exclusively, I’ve actually been asked for advice several times regarding sex (vaginal and oral) because they were afraid of/uncomfortable with penises, and often their own genitals as well.

Genital fear/discomfort comes from the same thing that racial discomfort does—early education. Complicated issues make parents/teachers nervous, so they just make them taboo.

"Don’t touch that. It’s a bad place. Don’t talk about it"

Well, I brought mine out for show-and-tell once in Kindergarten (true story), and the reaction it got from classmates and administrators was enough to tell me that I was onto something.

PS: I love the song “My Neck, My Back” by Khia because it’s explicit about female genitals in a paradigm that’s usually reserved for male genitals, and it makes people really uncomfortable. And I love asking them “why? why does this make you more uncomfortable than ‘Wait Til You See My Dick’?

Look Outside Yourself: Misogyny vs. Misandry →

Black people commit more crime than white people because of a societal disadvantage that places them into poorer, more segregated neighborhoods. Black people have been marginalized in this country for as long as they’ve lived here. Do not compare the difference between Black and white people to the difference between men and women.

That’s all completely true. But that doesn’t mean a parallel can’t be drawn. You made the argument that crime statistics stand for themselves, as evidence that a group of people just “commit more fucking crime.”

My argument is that it’s never that “fucking” simple, and it’s reductive and prejudiced to claim that it is.

Women have more eating disorders than men because of a culture that emphasizes extreme thinness for women. Just look at any magazine, television show, movie, or billboard.

But I do not see how our society encourages men to commit more crime and rape. Sorry, but I just don’t.

Really? Really. You don’t know of any culture that emphasizes and glorifies virility, dominance, and violence in men? A culture that tells men that the more they fuck, the more money they have, the more power they have, the more manly they are? That if they let someone get away with something, they lose, they’re a pussy, they’re a wimp?

Let that sit for a while.

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Look Outside Yourself: Misogyny vs. Misandry →


This is an interesting and thought-provoking perspective. I agree with a lot of the points you raise. However, with regards to why it’s so common for men (as opposed to women) to be incarcerated and reported on the news as having committed a crime, men are ten times more likely than women to commit murder, and they are responsible for 99% of rapes in the United States. The prevalence of men in prison and on the evening news is not because of discrimination. It’s because they commit more fucking crime.

Furthermore, I would argue that we don’t need feminism to help women and “masculism” to help men. We need humanism to help everyone. But that, I suppose, is a matter of semantics.

Whoa, whoa, and whoa.

Making the claim that men commit more crime—insinuating that men as a gender or a sex have a predisposition to do unlawful things—who do you think you are?

Homocide rates in black people are seven times higher than those for white people.

There are significantly more black people in prison that white people.

Would you say “well that’s because black people commit more fucking crime?”

Do you realize what you sound like when you say something like that?

The role that society forces a group into has an immense effect on their actions, on what they feel permitted or pressured to do.

Many more women have eating disorders than men.

"Oh it’s because they’re stupid and weak-willed and care more about what society thinks than men do."

No. See, that argument reveals a cancerous mentality. The sort of thinking that is based on exactly the opposite of what humanism stands for.

Secondly, you put masculism in quotes, but not feminism? Do you realize how disrespectfully you’re coming across?

And saying feminism and masculism aren’t necessary because the banner of humanism exists doesn’t make sense. They’re not on the same level in the hierarchy of terminology.

Under the banner of humanism you’ll find many movements—among them, gender equality. Inside of that movement, you’ll find masculism and feminism. They also tackle male-specific and female-specific issues, respectively, so there is a necessity for the distinction between the two.

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