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Look Outside Yourself: Misogyny vs. Misandry →

Black people commit more crime than white people because of a societal disadvantage that places them into poorer, more segregated neighborhoods. Black people have been marginalized in this country for as long as they’ve lived here. Do not compare the difference between Black and white people to the difference between men and women.

That’s all completely true. But that doesn’t mean a parallel can’t be drawn. You made the argument that crime statistics stand for themselves, as evidence that a group of people just “commit more fucking crime.”

My argument is that it’s never that “fucking” simple, and it’s reductive and prejudiced to claim that it is.

Women have more eating disorders than men because of a culture that emphasizes extreme thinness for women. Just look at any magazine, television show, movie, or billboard.

But I do not see how our society encourages men to commit more crime and rape. Sorry, but I just don’t.

Really? Really. You don’t know of any culture that emphasizes and glorifies virility, dominance, and violence in men? A culture that tells men that the more they fuck, the more money they have, the more power they have, the more manly they are? That if they let someone get away with something, they lose, they’re a pussy, they’re a wimp?

Let that sit for a while.

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