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postcoitaldreams: You're very sexy ;)


Anonymous: you're suuuuuch a virgo



Anonymous: I miss your playlists, Ben!

Really? I’ll make one this week, then!

Anonymous: Hello, I've been following you for quite some time (you are v talented) and you have mentioned more than once that you were very unhappy as a child. If it's not too personal, I was wondering why that was.

Thanks! It is for the most part too personal (not to ask just to answer on tumblr).

But on top of whatever else, I was just one of those melancholy misanthropic little kids. I had (and have) a very low tolerance for dishonesty and tactlessness and selfishness, and those are some difficult convictions to have if your peers are all elementary school kids.

It’s kind of normal for a 7 year old to say “I want to come to your house because you have an above-ground pool,” but I’d hear that and say “no, you’re trying to use me and I’m done with you as a person forever.”

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Name two bad habits that you desperately need to get rid of.
1. Copping out and giving evasive meta-answers to interview questions.
2. Doing it twice.

I was asked some questions by a nice girl who runs a blog of questions.

tsumlover: I just want to say I admire your response to that guy about the porn.

Thanks. It was actually a girl, and she seemed to have—good intentions?

It’s hard to tell these days.

(Unless you were talking about the facebook conversation)

I read an essay recently that got a lot of things wrong, but one thing it got right was its description of a certain type identity politics that happens to thrive here on tumblr.

The essay described it as “driven by a priest’s desire to excommunicate and condemn, an academic-pedant’s desire to be the first to be seen to spot a mistake, and a hipster’s desire to be one of the in-crowd.”

So yeah, someone read a conversation I had that condemned people who strip women of their personhood and treat them violently and thought “oh wait, no! Kink-shaming! I found one! Wrong!”

So often it’s not done in the spirit of trying to reach mutual understanding, it’s people operating under the assumption that most people don’t know as much they do about allllll the rules of identity politics. 

"The danger in attacking the [this behavior] is that it can look as if – and it will do everything it can to reinforce this thought – that one is also attacking the struggles against racism, sexism, heterosexism."

When actually you’re attacking the priest, the pedant, and the hipster.

Who, incidentally, all walk into a bar…

strippereureka: The thing is, though, that some women in the industry actually do seek out that kind of thing and do sign up for it because that's what they like. It's an emotional and physical experience that some people really enjoy going through. Maybe someone's tastes are a little more "fucked up" than yours. Doesn't mean they shouldn't enjoy what they want to enjoy. Don't try to speak for people you haven't spoken to.

Oy vey, I knew someone on tumblr would come in with kink-shaming accusations.

I’ll fold this into a Read More so only people who want to get into it will get into it.

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Anonymous: Fuck you and your taxidermy, why don't you put your mothers ass there, dully asswipe!

Haha actually this reminds me of a good (true) story about my mom’s ass.

She has colorectal cancer and has had her colon removed, and during the worst of it she was getting a colonoscopy like every week from the same doctor.

So one day she has my dad write “welcome back, doctor” in sharpie on her butt cheeks before going in. The doctor flips up the gown and starts laughing so hard they have to delay the procedure.

He hangs a photo (with her permission) of the message in his office.

Probably my mom’s most salient and admirable quality is that she has been almost entirely unfazed by so much of the bodily stuff she’s had to go through. (She’s also head breast cancer and cervical cancer.) I freak out and start convulsing when a needle pricks me, so I’ve always been incredibly impressed by that—she replaces fear with curiosity and fascination.

"Can I have a tape of the procedure?"

"Hey look at this cool IV port they installed in my arm; it’s like the Matrix."

"This little kid called me baldy so I let him come up and rub my head. He loved it."

So yeah I guess I could put that photo of my mother’s ass up there to remind me about how fragile our bodies are, how much resilience it takes to go through some things, and how indescribably important levity is in dark times, you’re right!

Thanks for the input.

eternal-sighs: I'm so glad I found your blog under the "mononucleosis" tag somehow. I love your writing. I'll definitely be taking some of your advice on life.

This is my favorite explanation anyone’s every offered as to how they found my tumblr.

hellomynameismaddy: super into that clip from the mixtape. any chance you'll post the whole thing?

Probably not, because it was all done in a rush and isn’t something I’m terribly proud of. But I’m working on a second serious mashup album this year (my first album was this one) and bits of that mix might end up in the final cut.